For thousands of years humans are fascinated by dragons – by their mystical power, their strength and their confidence. Ahton is the keeper of this confidence and its unique story tells us about the destiny and the gifts of this precious creature.

The Sculpture

The uncompromised love for details and the rigorous use of only the most precious materials lend this sculpture its unique expressiveness.

Ahton’s Amulet

A symbol of unshakeable confidence. The amulet is charged with the power of Ahton during a night of your choice. For its bearer, success will shine on life.

13gr of 18K
Yellow Gold
268 brilliants
(total 0,8 Carat)
13gr of 18K
Yellow Gold
183 brilliants
(total 0,5 Carat)
13gr of 18K
Yellow Gold
90 brilliants
(total 0,36 Carat)

The Saga

The saga of Ahton, Keeper of Confidence, tells the secret behind this unique creature. It’s a story about destiny and a fable about wisdom. But this stunning tale exists only once. The Saga of Ahton is handwritten on parchment and comes in a book made with gold and goatskin.

This book is hidden in the Dragon’s Ark, an exclusive cabinet whose intricate mechanics allow the sculpture to ascend into view at the push of a button. Further accessories complement this luxurious work – from the leather glove to the carrying bag and the flight case, everything has been developed and fine-tuned as an ensemble.

Read the saga Read the saga

The Craftsmanship

This unique sculpture of Ahton, Keeper of Confidence, measuring 25×30×24 cm (length × width × height) was designed and crafted with great care from 2007 to 2012 by the team of Giberg Swiss Noble Forge.

Cast in 5.090 kg of green-yellow and red-yellow solid gold (Au 750), studded with 7739 G-H coloured diamonds (clarity grade: VS1-SI1) weighing a total of 108.655 Ct and possessing a brilliant top cut, this precious creature has eyes that are formed by two rubies of navette cabochon-cut that altogether weigh 0.48 Ct.

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